Lace Dress (old but similar). Lace Top (currently in-store only). Jeans. Flats. Sneakers. LIVELY Mesh Trim Bralette c/o.

Shopping for lingerie has always been very tedious for me - a necessary evil that serves a distinct purpose and is never a fun aspect of building my wardrobe because no one ever sees it. That is until I came across LIVELY. They offer minimal designs with intricate details that are insanely affordable. (There's nothing I hate more than spending a fortune on something I less than love.) When I slipped into their mesh trim bralette, it immediately felt like a second skin that needed to be shown off.  

LIVELY is quickly becoming a one-stop essential shop, with gorgeous swimwear and body suits as well. With my summer vacation officially in sight, I plan to stock up on lots of goodies.