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Old Slip Dress, similar  here  +  here .  Velvet Kimono , c/o Americae.  Boots .  Crossbody . Layered Necklaces, similar  here  +  here .

Old Slip Dress, similar here + here. Velvet Kimono, c/o Americae. Boots. Crossbody. Layered Necklaces, similar here + here.

There is nothing that gets me more in my feels to style than a good layering piece. No matter the time of year, I always focus on adding a few things I can constantly wear multiple ways because I love how it keeps style so fresh and interesting. I’m so excited to welcome fall with my first (I know, insert gasps here) velvet piece thanks to Americae. Velvet is such a perfect way to layer on texture, so I don’t know why I’ve held out on it for this long, but that’s now in the distant past. When this pink velvet kimono showed up at my front door I knew we were soon to be inseparable. From the office, to weekends, travel days and everything in between, this kimono is exactly what I need to keep cozy and chic. Oh and it just so happens to be reversible to a lush green scene with a la Amazon Rainforest vibes on the other side, so get ready for all the endless styling options!


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